Ten new coins available on Anycoin Direct!

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Anycoin Direct
Anycoin Direct

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly evolving. In our ongoing commitment to offer a diverse range of investment opportunities, we have selected ten new assets to add to our platform. From the upcoming DeFi giant GMX to memecoin Floki, let’s take a closer look at the ten new coins that have been added to the Anycoin Vault.

Here at Anycoin Direct, we have an ongoing commitment to offer you a diverse range of investment opportunities. That is why we're thrilled to announce the addition of ten new coins to our platform:

  1. Optimism (OP)
  2. GMX (GMX)
  3. NEAR Protocol (NEAR)
  4. Synthetix Network (SNX)
  5. PHALA Network (PHA)
  6. Rocket Pool (RPL)
  7. Lido DAO (LDO)
  8. 1inch (1NCH)
  9. Floki (FLOKI)
  10. Render (RNDR)

Optimism (OP)

Ethereum , scaled," Optimism OP operates as an Ethereum layer 2 blockchain, boasting remarkable affordability and lightning-fast transaction speeds in line with their own motto. The overarching ambition of Optimism is to lay the foundation for a digital society.

Originating from the minds of Ethereum developers, Optimism introduces the Optimism Virtual Machine, akin to Ethereum's Virtual Machine. This innovation guarantees that your existing Ethereum applications and software function seamlessly on Optimism, paralleling their performance on Ethereum, but at a fraction of the cost.

You can buy Optimism here .


A decentralized platform for cryptocurrency spot and futures trading, GMX is constructed on the foundation of Arbitrum and subsequently enhanced through development on Avalanche. The live presence of GMX V2 beta marks a progression from 2017's Gambit.

GMX made its initial debut on the Arbitrum One blockchain, coinciding with the network's launch in September 2021. As a rollup solution situated within Ethereum's layer-2 ecosystem, Arbitrum aims to augment the efficiency and scalability of Ethereum's smart contracts.

You can buy GMX here .

NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

NEAR Protocol emerges as a carbon-neutral foundational blockchain network operating at layer 1, distinguished by its scalability and security through the application of Nightshade, a sharding methodology. At its core, NEAR prioritizes user-friendliness and developer convenience.

You can buy NEAR Protocol here .

Synthetix Network (SNX)

Synthetix Network is a platform where you can trade cryptocurrency, DeFi, as well as any real-world asset imaginable. High collateral is used to reduce risk. Through the fusion of cryptocurrencies and conventional shares, a unique hybrid product emerges under the name of "synth" within this ecosystem. This innovative "crypto-share" concept is embodied by offerings like sETH, a synthetic construct that combines a "synth" and Ethereum as its constituent elements.

You can buy SNX here .

PHALA Network (PHA)

Phala introduces an inventive blockchain-driven cloud computing protocol, offering a decentralized ecosystem that grants users access to potent computing resources without leaning on centralized servers like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud. This framework establishes a secure and confidential avenue for cloud computing and storage, while concurrently ensuring scalability to enhance performance.

You can buy PHALA here.

Rocket Pool (RPL)

Rocket Pool is a decentralized Ethereum staking protocol. It is permissive, so anyone can join. Staking ETH here can be done with less than 32 ETH. For this, you also get higher rewards. More than 2,000 nodes are working with Rocket Pool and they have staked more than 400,000 ETH, with about 5% of the total ETH staked in their protocol.

You can buy Rocket Pool here.

Lido DAO (LDO)

On Lido DAO, their liquid (liquid) staking protocol ensures that you stake the tokens at validators into a network staking contract. Liquid staking means that your tokens are still liquid (tradable) even though you stake them. Lido DAO is a DAO, as the name implies. A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization, meaning they are not centrally run. Everyone who owns LDO tokens get the chance to vote how the DAO will develop.

You can buy Lido DAO here.

1inch (1NCH)

1Inch is a decentralized exchange founded in 2020. When you start trading on this platform, not only can you get the best price for a cryptocurrency you want to buy, but you can also use a bridge of your choice. Using their technology, 1Inch scans all exchanges and other purchasing platforms in real time to find where 1Inch can be acquired for the best price. Then you can purchase it, possibly through a bridge, to reduce gas fees. 

You can buy 1inch here.

Floki (FLOKI)

Anycoin Direct welcomes the Floki family. Dubbed a "movement" by its team, Floki is on a mission to claim the throne as the premier memecoin. The individuals investing in Floki proudly bear the title of "Vikings," fostering a sense of unity that's crucial for any thriving community. Embracing the moniker of "the people's cryptocurrency," Floki's team aims to encapsulate a sentiment of inclusivity and communal ownership.

You can buy Floki here.

Render (RNDR)

The Render network serves as a bridge connecting individuals seeking to showcase images or games with those who wish to harness their underutilized GPU processing power for distributed computing tasks, commonly referred to as "rendering." Participants who dedicate their dormant GPU computational capacity to the Render network are termed "node operators." They earn RNDR tokens as rewards for completing rendering tasks, potentially rekindling a sense of pride in their graphics processor prowess. Similar in principle to peer-to-peer networks like Bittorrent or Filecoin, the Render network establishes a distributed network where each GPU plays a contributive role. 

You can buy RNDR here .

Our ambitious team is always investigating a vast variety of digital assets to add to our platform. While we are thrilled to add these ten new coins, we also wish to underscore the significance of making well-informed decisions when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. Always do your own research.