The most ridiculous NFT’s (so far)

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Ted Maas
Ted Maas

We already dedicated  some articles  on the NFT phenomenon and the potential use-cases it could have. But for every brilliant solution, some are… less brilliant. So let’s take a look at the most ridiculous and most expensive NFT’s out there. Spoiler alert: it gets quite ridiculous and quite expensive.

Jack Dorsey’s tweet

Alright, let’s start with the most famous one. Jack Dorsey, one of the most  influential people in crypto , created an NFT of his first tweet. Once purchased, an EFT version of the tweet was minted, signed and transferred. Which tweet? This one to be precise:

The first tweet ever was auctioned for a hefty price of 1630.5826 Ethereum, which translated to a price of $2,915,835.47 at that time. Yeah, let that sink in.

Logan Paul Pokemon Card

Logan Paul is a controversial Youtuber, imitation boxer and an overall idiot. Lately, Paul has gotten into the Pokemon trading card business in the hopes of purchasing rare 1st edition cards. In his latest hunt, the influencer got his hands on an entire box of unopened 1st edition Pokemon cards. Paul auctioned NFT’s of himself as a Pokemon card (Sigh…) and three lucky buyers had the chance of winning one of the Pokemon packs.

As you can see in the tweet above, Paul made over 3.5 million dollars in one day. You might be wondering, who’s the idiot now?


Alright, this one might be the most outrageous of the bunch. Pringles, yes the potato chips, introduced a new flavour via NFT. They called it CryptoCrisp and some of them got sold for 0.02 Ether (40 euro’s). A flavour of crisps….digitally. They even announced it with the following words: Can you taste it? No. Can you enjoy it? Yes. Is this the future of finance, or are companies trying to get a piece of the hype pie? I’ll let you be the judge of that.


Because who doesn’t need a new pair of virtual shoes? For just 12 dollars, you might be the rightful owner of a pair of virtual Gucci shoes. Compared to their real-life variants, 12 dollars is relatively low.

But Gucci is not the only one. Atari, known for their retro gaming consoles, have created limited-edition shoe NFT’s. In these creations, they combined their love for video games, the movie Akira and Pong. Only five models are available and the current highest bid for one of them is 0.13 ETH (350 dollars).


Memes are where the NFT-craze train really left the station. Whether it’s an original meme or brand new pepe art, some of these NFT meme’s have sold for half a million dollars. Let’s take a look at the most outlandish or expensive ones out there.

Bad Luck Brian

The original Bad Luck Brian, a true classic meme, was pretty lucky when he auctioned his original picture via NFT. Kyle Craven got $36,000 for the yearbook photo.


Five friends learned about the NFT mania and decided to jump in. What were they selling? A 52-minute recording of them farting throughout the year. As of today, they have not sold the year-long ensemble. However, they did sell individual pieces including  Fart#420 , which they sold for 90 dollars.

Pepe Homer

Wait a minute, I’m a Pepe! This flavour text adorns this Magic the Gathering replica card of Homer Simpson turned into a Pepe. Peter Kell, originally purchased the rare Pepe on an online auction for $38,500 (an already ridiculous amount). Years later, Kell decided to sell the card via a new NFT. The Homer Pepe was sold for 205 Ethers, which at that time translated to $321,440.