The best cryptocurrency websites 2021

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Ted Maas
Digital Marketeer
Ted Maas

Last year we made a list of the top 10 websites every crypto fan should know about. A tumultuous year has passed and we sat down to check whether the list was still up-to-date (spoiler alert: it wasn’t). Since not every crypto fan has the same priorities, we decided to drop the top 10 structure and just present them to you in no particular order. Don’t agree with our choices? Let us know and maybe your choice will be represented in next year’s list.

best crypto websites

Anycoin Direct

Alright, alright, let’s mention the most obvious one straight out of the gate. You want to buy, sell and trade flawlessly? You want to learn everything about the coins you purchase? Need some help or just someone to talk to? We’ve got you covered since 2013. Now, without further ado, let’s see what other websites are definitive must-know crypto websites.


Last year we had CoinmarketCap on our list. But to be perfectly honest, Coingecko has been part of our daily routine for quite some time now. Coingecko has more metrics, shows ERC20 contract addresses and has a better mobile website. They have better sections on DeFi and NFT’s and are completely independent, whereas, CMC is owned by Binance and has been showing some favoritism towards certain Binance projects. A must-know website for every crypto fan and a good contender for online homepage.


With new investors flooding the market, reddit can be a bit annoying with all the price prediction/diamond hand posts. But still, reddit is the biggest online crypto community and can’t be ignored on this list. From dedicated coin subreddits to the main cryptocurrency subreddit which recently surpassed the 3 million subscribers mark. Reddit is dubbed the front page of the internet and crypto is an extremely popular and integral part of that frontpage.


Tradingview is the best charting tool for every cryptocurrency trader out there. Traders that want to try their hand at technical analysis should know that Tradingview is their best friend. With clean charts, financial portfolios and excellent sharing functions, Tradingview has cemented itself as the must-use data analysis tool. Also handy for those who trade stocks and forex indexes instead of just crypto.


If you read our articles regularly, you may have noticed that we sometimes place tweets in our articles. Why? Because a lot of big crypto players are on twitter and use it to communicate to the masses. We don’t even have to mention Elon Musk and his effect on the crypto economy due to his tweets. Even then, from creator to developer and from exchange to wallet, all crypto big shots are present on the Twittersphere.


‘Buy the rumor, sell the news’ is a commonly used phrase in cryptocurrency. But how do you find out what the rumor is, or better yet when the rumor happens. With CoinmarketCal, you can select which digital assets you want to follow. A calendar will appear, highlighting all important events for those specific coins. These events can vary from testnet deployments to important hard forks. You no longer have to mark your calender, CoinmarketCal will do it for you.


Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet that functions as a browser extension. Metamask allows its users to store private keys and send/receive transactions regarding all networks on the Ethereum blockchain. Want to swap Ethereum DeFi coins? Want to connect to your Ethereum, OmiseGo or Chainlink wallet? With Metamask you can switch between those with the click of a button, in your browser, without downloading the entire blockchain.


Three newcomers in comparison to last year’s list. These three decentralized exchanges have taken the crypto world by storm in the last few months. On these platforms strangers can swap, farm and stake coins. They can enter lotteries, collect NFT’s and enter IFO’s (Initial Farm Offerings) and provide liquidity to facilitate these activities. Uniswap and Sushiswap run on the Ethereum smart-chain, whereas Pancakeswap runs on the Binance variant. Because the functionalities are enormous, we have decided to dedicate a future article on it where we explain what it exactly is and what the differences amongst the three are.

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