How to raise my limits


The fast verification process is entirely optional. You can, of course, just place an order and our interactive website will guide you through the process. Select the amount you would like to buy and our platform will inform your on the steps you need to take. Depending on the amount you selected, the following verification steps might occur:

Phone verification

Enter your mobile phone number, select your country and click on the ‘Send SMS’ button. You will receive a verification code via SMS, which in turn needs to be entered on our website.

verify your phone number to raise your limits

Identification Document

Upgrade your limits by verifying your official Identification Document. An Identification Document is a valid government-issued European travel document, such as your ID card or passport. Make sure to upload a high-quality scan or picture, with a maximum size of 30mb. You can upload a .pdf, .jpg, or .png file.

verify your id to raise your limits
Residence permit

Note: If you have a (temporary) European residence permit, we do require you to provide a passport or ID card from your country of origin. We do not accept documents that are (heavily) damaged, expired, counterfeited or have been tampered with.

Proof of Residence

What is a Proof of Residence you might ask? Simply put, a Proof of Residence is a document that confirms your registered address. We accept a wide range of documents but be aware that official mail (from your bank, university, municipality, government or utility companies) is always a better choice than your everyday mail (invoices, bills, fines or love letters). Your Proof of Residence must show: your full name and address and may not be older than three months. The document needs to be a high-quality scan or picture, with a maximum size of 30mb. You can upload a .pdf, .jpg, or .png file.

verify your proof of residence to raise your limits

Video verification

The video verification is the final step to fully upgrading your account. When all your documents have been uploaded and verified, you can proceed to this final step. You will either start the video verification automatically, or by selecting the ‘video verification’ in your account dashboard. Remember that you are going to need either a webcam or a mobile phone with a high-quality camera. During this call, we must see you and the ID or passport that you have uploaded. Our step-by-step flow will guide you through the process. Your account will be upgraded, once the video verification has been completed

Limit upgrade waiting period

If you don’t want to go through the fast verification process your limits will be upgraded 4 days after your first successful buy order (<€1500). After this 4-day waiting period, all completed verification steps will be enabled and your limits will be raised automatically. Therefore, if you want to place a larger order from the get-go, we advise you to complete the fast verification process.