Recap past months

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Anycoin Direct has a lot of new content planned for you! Today we kick-off with a short recap of the months January and February and we would love to hear your opinion about these last two months.


  • January was a very tense month (to put it lightly). For example: Bitcoin started the year 2018 on €11.764 and ended on €8.474 at the end of the month. Not only Bitcoin experienced this downward trend; almost every cryptocoin had to deal with cold January.
  • This downtrend continued until February 6th where the Bitcoin price dropped to €4.846, Ethereum dropped to €460 and NEO dropped to €52.
  • February 6th also had good news. The U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs had a hearing on cryptocurrency. Topics like ICO’s, exchanges and cryptocurrency in general were discussed. The consensus? Overwhelming and positive support in working towards protective legislation. An interesting discussion, which we encourage you to watch:


History teaches us that January and February are regarded as two of the slowest months on the cryptocurrency calendar. We would like to hear your opinion on these subject matters. How did you experience this recent period? 

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