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From newspaper headlines to the six o’clock news. Cryptocurrency news is everywhere. We are thrilled and excited to see so many people interested in this new and innovating technology. We have seen an extreme growth in customers these last few weeks. And although we are happy to welcome our new members, we also notice that it's becoming quite hard to keep track of all the messages that we receive.

A big growth in customers and orders

Due to this unexpected increase, we have temporarily turned off our telephone and live-chat services. This way, we can focus our attention on the remaining tickets(=unanswered requests) that we have. We apologize for the inconvenience and lack of communication from our side. But please rest assured as your payment or your coins are not lost! Your ticket will be answered and we will help each and everyone of you.

As we speak, we are investing heavily to scale up our business. We are implementing methods to work faster, better and more efficiently. Customer support agents are being trained and our office keeps growing every day. These procedures take time and we want you to know that we are working very hard on getting back, bigger and stronger. Despite our ongoing and increasing efforts, our customer support response times are delayed at this moment. If you need more information regarding wallets, buy-orders and the coins that we offer, we advise you to read our new FAQ and Guides page.

Please invest wisely
Hereby we would like to remind all our customers that there is risk when buying or selling cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies can change rapidly in price and buying and selling does bring a minor technical know-how.

In order to store cryptocurrencies in wallets, make sure you know how this should be done. Make sure you use a wallet which allows you to backup your private key. And when creating a passphrase, make sure it is unique, long and has multiple characters (example: Th1siSmYP4$sphr@$3).

Public Key = Wallet address, you can use this for sending and receiving.

Private Key = Your unique access key to your wallet: Do not share this with anyone. Make sure you back up this multiple times.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with cryptocurrencies. Sending, receiving and using sufficient fee in order to get the transaction broadcasted to the blockchain network. Always copy coin addresses and double check if it is correct, using a wrong wallet address can cause the loss of all funds. This is your own responsibility.

We will keep you informed via our website and social media about our status. Our main focus is to keep our service safe, secure and transparent. We are working day and night to keep up with the current workload and we can not promise the fast and friendly live service you are used from us at this moment. But we do the best we can to get back to this as soon as possible.


Thank you for understanding,

Anycoin Direct Team


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