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Ted Maas
Digital Marketeer
Ted Maas

Anycoin Direct has always considered its customer service of the utmost importance, viewing our support team as the heart and soul of our platform. During the redesign we realized that with the right tools, we could strengthen our support team.

smart support assistant

Looking for the right answer?

So let’s say you have some unanswered questions. Where do you begin? You can start by navigating to our support section where you can ask your question straight away. You don’t even need to enter the entire question, just a simple keyword such as ‘limits’ will suffice. For your convenience, we have also made a small selection of the most asked questions on our platform. For those who want to see our entire FAQ, we have divided every question imaginable in different subcategories. Want to know how we calculate our exchange rate? Check out our ‘Price’ section! Want to find a suitable block explorer for your EOS coins? We have got you covered, with a dedicated EOS section!

Our smart support assistant

Another new tool that we have implemented is our smart support assistant. Simply put, on every page of the buy and sell process we showcase all relevant questions for that individual page. How do you activate this smart assistant? Just click on the red question mark during the order flow, and a side panel will pop out. Convenient right? All these changes don’t mean that have we forsaken our live chat. On the contrary! Our support team, better than ever, can help you 364 days a year with any question you might have. Again, our live chat can be found by clicking on the red question mark. Try it out for yourself.

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